Spectrophotometer LabAnalyt SP-V 1000

We bring to your attention LabAnalyt SP-V 1000 spectrophotometer as a convenient alternative to KFK-3, KFK-2 and other photometers.

  • Reliable assistant for various endpoint techniques (glucose, hemoglobin, bilirubin, cholesterol, etc.)
  • An indispensable device in CPMSD and an auxiliary device in the clinical diagnostic laboratory of any profile.
  • The system can store results up to 200 results and 200 standard curves in the memory of the device.
  • Automatic wavelength adjustment.
  • Large sample compartment for 4 cells, 1×1 cm.
  • The wavelength range is 325-1000 nm
  • It is less sensitive to voltage drops due to a pulsed power supply
  • The standard error is ± 0.002 Abs / year
  • An affordable device, a reliable device will be a real help in your work.

More information is available by phone: +38 (057) 757-47-17 або +38 (067) 546-30-72